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Zero-Point Precision Technologies Corp. Ltd. is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan. It is a precision hardware manufacturing enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales and service. At present, the factory has more than 120 people, 87 technical operators, 6 engineering personnel, 10 quality personnel, 8 business personnel, 10 administrative and other personnel. The company's management and technical team are rich in hardware parts, fixtures, non-standard automation equipment design and manufacturing experience, can be customized according to customer needs of various standard and non-standard parts.

The company implements total quality management and conscientiously implements the requirements of ISO9001 standard and ISO/TS16949 quality management system. All employees uphold the quality policy of “Quality First, Satisfying Customer Requirements, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainable Management”, with pragmatic innovation and excellence. Integrity-based, customer-oriented business philosophy, and strive to provide customers with the most competitive products and services.

Manufacturing field ---

The products manufactured by the company are widely used in many industries such as hardware, plastics, electronic appliances, medical equipment, optical communications, automobiles and machinery. At the same time, he has rich experience in processing various materials, such as AL6061/7075, KOVAR iron nickel cobalt alloy, 17-4PH, ESD225/420, DERLIN, S136H, SS440C, SKD11/SKH51, ceramic ceramic, carbide Carbide, , SUS303/304, engineering plastic PEEK and so on. In addition, we can also provide customers with special processing, special heat treatment and special plating, surface treatment, etc.: such as optical grinding, honing, precision EDM shaped processing, carburizing, nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, ultra-low temperature treatment. Hard oxidation of aluminum parts , steel parts are blue, electrolytic polishing, electroless nickel, silver plating, gold plating, DLC, titanium plating, black chrome plating, etc.

Business philosophy ---

Operating products that are good for society.

quality promise---

Win customers with high quality; promise customers with accurate delivery; serve customers at reasonable prices; guarantee customers with systematic management.


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Phone:0769-8136 3816

Address:No7 water plant Road, Chikan Industial Zone , Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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