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"Made in China", is the face it is in the child

After a long-awaited and a lot of talks about the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games, the competition was in full swing. As a general audience, the focus is naturally on the four-year regular "lace" of athletes, medals, and even the beauty of handsome guys. But in fact, this year's Summer Olympics, there are still some things that are even more proud.

According to media reports such as the Economic Daily, "Made in China" and "Chinese Brand" have become the most reliable presence in this Olympic Games. The mascot "Veniceius" at this Olympic Games has already been placed on the shelves in Brazil and is very popular among children and adults. The birthplace of this fascinating and colorful "Veniceius" is Yiwu, the famous capital of China's small commodities. Moreover, Chutian Metropolis Daily also disclosed that in just four months, 2.5 million mascots with complicated production techniques were put into the market and won praises from the other side. Moreover, the production of this mascot has a certain scientific and technological content. In order to allow the mascot to stand, the maker puts a special steel wire on the sole of the foot and wraps it in cotton. In this way, the mascot can not only stand but also bend the arms and legs to varying degrees. In the Olympic venues, the tableware used by people comes from a high-tech company in Wuhan, which produces biodegradable bioplastic products from renewable raw materials such as straw, bamboo powder and plant starch. This time, the company produced more than 2 million sets of bioplastic tableware, which has become the designated item for the Rio Olympic Games. The national flags, headscarves, wigs, scarves and other items appearing in the Olympic Games are from a textile company in Zhejiang. China’s sportswear brands have also become volunteers in Rio and many countries including the Chinese delegation. Regional sponsors of clothing sponsors...

Of course, small commodities from China “captured” large-scale event souvenir shops are nothing new, but nowadays some domestic brands with scientific strength and influence are also on the Olympics. During the Olympics, the subway connecting the Olympic Park, the Olympic Village and Rio’s city centre plans to transport 300,000 people a day. In Guanabara Bay, there is a “Baker Hill” ferry produced in China. The walkie-talkie system used by the stadium staff, the inspection instruments of the Olympic Village and the security checkpoints of the venues are all from China. Although it is open during the winter Olympics in the winter, Chinese companies offer a little ambiguous Maracana Stadium air conditioning system. If these are still the periphery of sports events, then the equipment for the game is the core. According to many media reports, in the badminton, volleyball, weightlifting and other venues, the athletes use a variety of equipment also from China. For example, volleyball nets, nets, scoreboards and referee chairs in volleyball games; for example, Olympic weightlifting equipment from a Hebei manufacturer, has broken the history of Japanese companies monopolizing the six Olympic Games in this field. What's more, a mother from Jiangsu also became a hot spot because of the enthusiasm of the samba dance in the opening ceremony. In the past weekend, many media, including the news, described her as the person who spoke "square dance" at the Olympics. However, if you look at the report carefully, you will find that the lady is a Latin dance teacher and does not mention the "square dance."

Indeed, unlike the 1980s, which just returned to the Olympics, China has successfully hosted the Summer Olympics and will soon prepare for the Winter Olympics. The people are more confident. The gold medal is awesome, but it is not without it. For Sun Yang’s silver medal, the audience gave more understanding, and even dissatisfaction with some TV media’s words such as “missing the first gold”. What we need more is the "Made in China" and "Created in China" that have both face and lining. It is the power of the soldiers who do not fight and who are defeated.

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