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How does the journalism industry evolve in the era of artificial intelligence?

General Secretary Xi Jinping once again mentioned artificial intelligence, this time in the People’s Daily New Media Building. On the 25th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee collectively studied the "classroom" in the front line of media integration and development. In his speech, Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to explore the use of artificial intelligence in news gathering, production, distribution, reception, and feedback to comprehensively improve the ability of public opinion guidance.

At the 6th China Emerging Media Industry Convergence and Development Conference held recently, in just one morning, an "artifact" produced 186 short videos - 97 of them - at a speed unmatched by media people. Production, 89 for human-machine collaborative production.

It is the “Media Brain·MAGIC Short Video Intelligent Production Platform” released by Xinhua News Agency. This is an important step taken by the National News Agency in the 5G era and in the media artificial intelligence.

Before the birth of the "media brain" of Xinhua News Agency, the artificial intelligence application that the media people listened to most was the writing robot that seemed to be "grabbing the rice bowl." Tencent's Dreamwriter, today's headline "Xiao Ming" and Xinhua News Agency's "Quick Pen New" have all written a sudden, compiled data, and the speed is flying fast. "They liberated journalists from simple mechanical materials and carried out more creative and emotional creations," said Tang Wei, an associate professor at the School of Journalism at Renmin University of China.

In the words of Zhang Zhian, dean of the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-sen University, artificial intelligence has brought new speed of communication, new reading experience and new distribution mechanism to the journalism industry. "If traditional media does not closely grasp the development trend of artificial intelligence, it will encounter the 'de-dimensional strike" brought about by technological changes." Li Jun, vice president of the Product Research Institute of Xinhua News Agency, said at a seminar.

To seize the trend, we must also see that some things are not brought by artificial intelligence.

"People can write warm, emotional words, and can use creative ideas to produce cleverly designed pictures. People show their artistic power, expressiveness and insight in the news, which is impossible for the machine to meet in a short time." Said. It is difficult for the machine to clarify the truth behind the complex facts, and it is difficult to explain the incident in depth. The duties of investigation and supervision still have to be shouldered by people.

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